Port forwarding and Software Update Implementation

Port Forwarding
I was trying to set up remote access to my router from outside world(I have done it before) and have access to network drive and for the love of me, could not seem to get it to work.

It is so easy for a long time of not doing it and understanding how they all work, your way of thinking just shifts and completely throw you off balance. You know how they work and such but you just need that one sentence to explain it all until… I only needed to see one picture.

Simple illustration of how port forwarding works.

And everything just became clear and smooth sailing to me once again!

Software Update Implementation
As you write software and programs and such, you think how do they actually perform an update onto itself, so I went and ask Google. Its actually pretty basic in terms of step by step process, although if you are only making a small simple program sometimes the technology you are using have it figured out for you.

Just like program in C#.NET, they have the ClickOnce installer where you can upload your package to a server and have it check by the computer if you have the latest version of the application. You can either go that way or a  more traditional route.

Have a separate process in your program that checks the server if you have the latest version installed, and allow the program to download the new version. Then ask the user to install the new version or have it closed and let the updater do the job for you by replacing all necessary files. An will run the newly updated program to continue.

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