Sublime Text 3 – shortcuts and tips!

Sublime Text Shortcuts

– Ctrl + Shift K , Deletes the current line
– Ctrl + C, copy the selected text or line if there is no selection.
– Ctrl K+B , Shows left side bar
– Ctrl + space, brings down list of variables, classes, resource name etc.
– Ctrl + P, brings command palette window to search for files and jump to lines using “:[line number]”
– Ctrl + Alt + J , from one matching brackets to the next
– Ctrl + [ or ] , to indent right and left
– Ctrl + Shift + D , duplicate line at the bottom
– Ctrl + / , to comment a line straight away
– Ctrl + shift + /, to select bits you want to block comment
– Ctrl + D , selects a word, ctrl + d again selects the next matching word
– Ctrl + L , selects the current line
– Ctrl + Shift M, selects content inside the bracket
– Ctrl + Shift A, selects content inside tag
– Ctrl + Shift + Arrow left or right while word is selected to select more selection in that direction
– Alt + f3 – while you have word selected,to highlight all matching word and edit all occurence
– Wrap selected content with a tag then press Alt + Shift + W

Additional Tips

Ctrl + shift + ‘ Selects a tag and change the opening and closing tag at once. Require: Emmet plug-in
Ctrl + shift + c ,open color picker
Open current file in browser preview: Go to Key bindings -> User
[{“keys”: [“f12” or any key surrounded by quotes], “command”: “open_in_browser”}]

Useful Plugins
Bracket Hilights – highlights selected open and close tag

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