Adding Custom Context menu in Windows and my Rename Tool

I have been thinking of putting a custom context menu entry in my program, and this is the registry place to put your values into.

How to Add Any Application Shortcut to Windows Explorer’s Context Menu

And all you need to do is code your application to add them in your Visual Studio set up install function using the RegistryKey class in C# (at least), or use Inno Installer program to add a section as [Registry], the Inno Setup help is available if you need a reference.

I am thinking of creating a program that lets you rename all the filenames in a folder by adding a prefix or suffix or using regular expressions by right clicking the folder and call upon the program and a windows pops-up confirming your intention to rename.

Its very handy little tool , Im just in the process of putting them together. So the step would be:

  • Make the program
  • Create an installer for the program most likely use Inno Installer
  • Let the installer create the registry entry for you using { yourprogram.exe 1% } where the 1% is the folder path.
  • And run your program base on the folder path otherwise the user can select the folder to rename files.


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