Identifying your weakness and strength

Howdy! We all have our strengths and weaknesses as a person and in our profession. You know yourself better than anyone else or maybe someone knows your better than yourself but most likely its yourself your biggest critic.

Its hard to admit that we have them. Its even harder when it shows and everybody notices it. For example Im not scared to admit one of my weaknesses is …. wait for it.

Im slow to pick up cues. I dont usually understand things that are new. I dont usually pick up jokes straight away, I cant even give a quick remarks back to someone being a smart ass. In all Im slow.

I identify it and proven, that is indeed a weakness or perhaps just part of how you as a person . Its just one of those weaknesses that its just there and can never be improved or fixed or maybe it can . So what do you do?

There is something you can do! Focus on your strength! I know Im slow, but I know that I am a also a critical thinker as well, what this makes you? It means you just dont go opening your mouth without thinking of the consequences, it means you never decide things on impulse, it means you analyze the situation as hard as you can to make  better decisions because you consider every options possible.

In this sense when one of your weakness shows up, there is one of your strength to help you out. Never forget the value that you have, identify your short comings if you can improve on them then yes improve on them, but never forget your strength its there to put you back up your feet.

This post is to just to remind us about learning to identify our own weaknesses, learn to accept them, know why you have them and finally how to do get pass them by identifying your strength!

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