Enter VS Code on Windows

Hi I have been a fan of sublime text for a while now. But also tried different IDE available in the community. Recently been trying ATOM, but it seems a little laggy at times. Anyways here are my top shortcuts I used for Visual Studio Code editor:

[ ctrl + , ] Open settings for configurations
[ctrl + `] Opening terminal console
[ctrl + d] Select next occurence [ctrl + u] deselect back
[ctrl + f2] Select all occurence
[ctrl + k ctrl + c] Add line comment
[alt + shift + down or up] Duplicate line down or up
[ctrl + p] Open command palette and find files quick
[ctrl +  “[” or “]” ] Moves your current line via tab
[ctrl + shift + f ] Find text in files
[ alt + arrow left or right ] Go back and forward
[ ctrl + shift + \ ] Go to matching bracket
[ F12 or CTRL + F2  or ALT F12 ] Go to definition and implementation, peek definition
[ F8 ] Go to the next error
[ Ctrl + W ] Close the current window
[ alt + shift + left or right ] Shrink or grow selection on brackets
[ ctrl + alt + up or down ] Add a cursor for multiple editions

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