Webpack 4

Howdy you! Its been 2 months since my last post. And I have been taken aback from my usual routine of learning stuff everyday. (Damn you gaming!). Here I want to remind myself of the basic of Webpack configuration primarily v4.

module.exports = {
 entry: __dirname + "/app/entry.js",
 // This is where you set the entry point of your script.
 output: {
   path: __dirname + "/public",
   // where you would put your bundle.js
   filename: "bundle.js"
   // the name of your outputted file to include
 devtool: "eval-source-map",
 // devtool option allows webpack to create source-map so browser can point to an specific line in the script making debugging easier for developers.
 devServer : {
   contentBase: "./public",
   // contentBase is where to watch changes for, for auto-reloading with web-dev-server
   port: "8080",
   // port to use by web-dev-server
   colors: "red",
   inline: true, 
   // set to true if you want all info about auto-reload in the console false if you want it displayed in your app as an IFRAME
   historyApiFallback: true
   // good for SPA. Set to true if you want the browser when back button is press to go to your main index.html not the actual previous history page.
 // devServer is used when you have web-dev-server installed as well. There is alot more options available
  plugin: {

Each object entry in webpack above has purpose to learn more of its configuration head to:


The documentation is pretty easy to follow!

So future self remember. Every “entry”, “output”, “devServer” in your webpack configuration points to more option specific to the entry.

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