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This Ernani Danting or Danny for short , welcome to my blog/portfolio site!

This is where I pretty much say whatever is in my mind(at the time). Feel free to browse around. As you may noticed I am kind of a geek. I started my IT journey back in 2005 in NSW Lismore enrolled in an Interactive Multimedia(2006)  course doing anything multimedia, back then where Macromedia was the ‘thing’. We used Fireworks for graphics and Dreamweaver for creating HTML and Flash for animations. It was love at first sight I fell inlove with anything IT! I just started coding in Actionscript and didnt know a thing about programming then! That was my first taste of programming, it felt like I was in control of everything that is happening! I also grew passion for graphic design, I guess the two just started competing with each other. Although in my early age I know I can draw stuff like manga style as you see in this website as well.

I created games in Flash and made some animations as well.(I gotta find those in my stash.. and put it up here).Anyways I finished the course. I enrolled in Information Technology Certificate II(2006) where we learned a bunch of stuff specially hardware and networking with different network topologies and Internet protocols.And among other things Microsoft Office from Word,Excel to Access and Publisher.

After that I enrolled in Network Administration Certificate III(2007)
did I say we moved to Brisbane after? I wanted to know abit about server stuff as well broaden my knowledge with Microsoft Server 2003 I learned alot about Active Directories , User management and topology. I learned how to set up a network where users uses their credentials given by the server and manage the times they can access the system. It was fun able to distribute Client Operating System from an image served by the server.

In the middle of 2007-2008, I enrolled in Diploma of Web Development(Cert IV) where It pretty much started to make sense and everything coming together. I was doing PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript and self taught technologies in databases such as MySQL/SqlServer and even Microsoft Access using ODBC driver installed on machine.

My IT journey didnt stop there I continued to learn in my own time and when I say continue learning…  like hook on knowledge kind of stuff! I was downloading tutorials here and there, and there was this program called “Website Downloader” where you can browse a website offline. I tried to learned every programming there is and believed me I really put some time learning the syntax and manually coding myself. From C/C++, C#,Python,Perl,VB to Java,JSP, ASP.net. If I had a chance I would have studied low-level languages as well. Theres a bunch too that I havent tackled and clearly WAY more COBOL and Fortran etc.Of course having some exposure to these language isnt really a big deal.BUT, there is a big but there, I am by any means proficient in any of these, which is kind a bad, I am master of none, and that is not a good thing I have to admit.

Any programming language are the same but different in their own way. What you need to understand is the their structure, memory management/allocation and garbage collection if your doing old general purpose language like C. Then polymorphism, abstraction, inheritance/classes,interface , multi-threading, templates,collection, overloading, stream manipulation, library, apis etc etc..  just about every language has 2 or 3 of these.

Today PHP/Html/CSS3/Javascript and Java/C#( if had some free time ) is my main stack and you could say I had most experience with, maybe Mobile App down the line using Java or Swift/Objective-C if the need arises.

Anyways IT industry or technology for that matter is always changing , always evolving… etc etc.Enough! What a rant this turned out to be.

What Im doing ? On your feet , chop chop and keep up!

– broad understanding of Software Development
– background in Web Development and Multimedia
– experienced in Database Administration and Windows Server Management
– exposure in Linux/Unix environment and SEO/SEM

Technical skills:
Main Experience: PHP/MySQL/HTML5/CSS3(SaSS,Compass Gem on Ruby)/Javascript(Core)/Jquery Stack

– exposure in Frameworks such as Bootstrap/ReactJS/NodeJS
– exposure in Windows/Linux/Unix/Apache Server
– exposure in content management system Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress

Currently Learning:
– Angular 2/4
– Go  Lang
– Python
– C# WPF desktop application
– Entity Framework in C#

Interested in learning:
– setting up a Mail Server (lol i dont know why) has something to do with MTA sends email, MDA receives email, MUA organizes which is client email
– Laravel Framework
– React Native

Preferred tools for coding:
– VS Code
– Sublime Text
– PhpDesigner
– Visual Studio

Multimedia Software
– Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash
– 3dsMax 2010 (I used to model 3d objects in my spare time.)

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