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I have now started in a semi or should I say mostly printing company, and this is a whole new world for me. Anything I learn about it is going to go in here as I delve into the printing world and beyond!(impending doom sound playing..)

Paper sizes people!

Okay I just added a new category on my blog. Hello Printing! This is due to the fact that I have started in a new role and its an Industry that I have never dealt with before!

For most part its a marketing business that deals with all sort of things pertaining to the subject. And majority of the company deals with marketing print jobs such as flyers, brochures, letterheads, invoices etc. Mainly direct mails!

One thing you will want to know are of course the ‘stocks’ as the commercial term for papers!

Anyways first off you will definitely want to familiarize yourself with paper! We all know about A4 and A3 sizes but never really thought about what the numbering means. And to be honest I would never in my programming experience ever think about this stuff, but to effectively do my job there, I gotta to know this otherwise Im just shooting blanks!

In summary A letter is actually a standardize ISO 216(International Organization of Standardization) for paper. And there is a B which isn’t widely used but mostly good for posters, then there is the C, which I did not know anything about! Envelopes!

So if you are ever lost with the measurements and terms when it comes to paper sizes come back to this page and here is the link to make you come back home. And yes I am talking to myself here.

Below the link to paper sizes and a very informative website indeed:

Credit and big thanks to the author.

PS: You might also want to know about RA or SRA papers such as SRA3 for A3, these are untrimmed papers for cutting A3 bleeds but that is another post altogether!

Untrimmed Raw Format (RA and SRA)